A prosperous African
business community
built on the spirit of
oneness/ Ubuntu
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We build partnerships that meet

the requirements for a sustainable

business between clients,

investors and funders
Fincron understands that to help meet client challenges and opportunities
successfully in a global economy.
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Promote partnerships that meet the requirements for a sustainable business between clients, investors and funders

Build close relationships with clients and address challenges to increase revenue and mitigate risk     .

Focus on high potential, growing and export orientated entities.                                                                         .


Fincron (Pvt) Ltd has been established to address business challenges through inter-country trade. Our philosophy founded on the belief that challenges such as lack of financial capital, markets and expertise are better resolved through a continental approach. Pioneered in Johannesburg, South Africa and Harare, Zimbabwe, Fincron builds value chains to optimise business returns.

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Working Capital

Fincron provides a funding platform driven by technology that enables corporates to compare the relative cost of borrowing and total funding available from a range of funders, both banks…

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Lease Financing

Without purchasing equipment and commercial vehicles, clients are able to sweat these assets to contribute to the bottom line. Types of lease and terms of………

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Supply Chain Financing

Through the SCF platform, free up working capital for clients and reduce debt funding. Being a multi- funder platform, clients are able to access numerous funding sources in Africa….

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